Screencast Heaven

So I have been doing screencasts at work for years. I had to install something like MousePose for callouts, and I would record the screen using SnapzPro or iShowU, then pull it into iMovie or Final Cut Express to edit it, and then into VideoCue Professional for the voice over. I Know !!! THAT IS a lot of work. Well no more. I have found my heaven. Vara Software, makers of VideoCue Pro, have just released ScreenFlow. The wickedest screencasting program I have ever seen. In truth, it doesn’t have the power of say a Final Cut Pro, or the TelePrompTer of a VideoCue Pro, but it sure makes up for that with ease of use and all the features you need in a single application. It’s $99 and worth every penny if you make screencasts often.screenflow_main_splash.jpg