Replace your Panasonic DMR-E80H Hard Drive

I’ve had my E80H for years and that PVR has been recording all my TV shows without pause until last week when the hard drive finally died.

So I opened it up and popped out the Maxtor 80GB Drive and dropped in a replacement 80GB Drive and it worked without a hitch.

The new drive I got was a Western Digital 7200rpm 80GB Drive. I read online that a larger drive would work but would still be limited to the 80GB recording space so I stuck with the 80GB drive (for $50 at

The key to the installation is making sure the Master/Slave jumper settings are set to CABLE SELECT. Without that the drive won’t be recognized at all.


EeePC – How to Restore to Factory Settings

I recently purchased an Asus EeePC and soon after begun to have problems with it turning on. At first it worked fine but then I updated the ROM and things went downhill from there. The EeePC woudn’t turn on or boot up fully at times. When it did, it reached a black screen full of white text and stated that the Processor couldn’t be identified. Sometimes the power and wifi button would light up and then turn off and no go.

So here is what I did to fix it:

If the machine wouldn’t turn on at all, I would remove the battery and press the power button for 10 seconds, then reconnect the battery and the machine would power on. Once the machine started to boot I decided to wipe the machine and do a factory reboot. To do this I followed the instructions I received from Asus Support:

1) During boot-up press F9 continuously up and down

2) In Black Screen select Factory Restore and enter

3) Agree with prompt and type in β€œYES” and then hit enter

4) Press Enter to reboot

Word of Caution: This wipes everything on the machine – but once I did it the Machine worked perfectly again

Thanks Asus πŸ˜‰